Most of us unconsciously eat what our parents and grandparents eat without questioning the connection between the health problems that they have and what they eat. When we develop health problems such as hypertension and diabetes we think that it must be genetic because other family members have the same problems.

We say that “it runs in my family” and assume that there is nothing that can be done except take medications for the rest of our lives. When we become conscious of the fact that the problem is not family genes but family eating habits and that changing our eating habits will reverse many diseases and eliminate or reduce the need for medications, the next question is usually “so, what can I eat?”

These recipes and meal plans are designed to answer that question and show you how delicious your food can be when you eat consciously. All of our recipes are cholesterol-free with nutrients from whole plant sources.

Banana Papaya Kiwi Salad
High Potassium BreakfastThis delicious fruit salad makes a healthy breakfast, snack or dessert. You will notice that it is high in carbohydrates, if you have diabetes that may worry you but it should not. Diabetes is caused by overproduction of glucose by the liver NOT by eating the carbohydrates in fruit. If you avoid fruit you will miss out on potassium to lower your blood pressure, natural vitamins, and phytonutrients that prevent cancer.


Banana Berry Smoothie





Papaya and Black Grape Salad

Papaya and Black Grape Salad


Cantaloupe and Honeydew Balls
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Chickpea Mushroom Curry
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Broccoli Mushroom Braised

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Our recipes have no cholesterol, oils, refined sugars or isolated proteins. We have many more easy recipes to give you an idea of how delicious food can be when you eat consciously. Watch this space….