Glycemic Index

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The GI was first published in 1981 when most doctors thought that eating carbohydrates caused type 2 diabetes and obesity. We know now that this is NOT true, the main source of high blood sugar in type 2 diabetes is the liver NOT the food you eat. The liver produces too much glucose in response to too much protein and fat in the diet. Fat and protein stimulate a hormone called glucagon which stimulates the liver to make glucose in a process called gluconeogenesis. Metformin works by blocking your liver from making glucose. People who don’t understand this, including some health professionals and dietitians, continue to use the GI. This does not help their patients.

Preventing the rise in blood sugar by counting carbs and eating fat and protein does not reverse diabetes or lead to permanent weight loss. There is no difference between high and low GI foods on hunger. High GI foods do not cause sugar cravings and weight gain. There is no association between the glycemic load of one’s diet and their body weight.  So please forget carb phobias and feel comfortable about eating blood pressure lowering, cancer-fighting whole fruits .

Watch on Youtube Dr. Neal Barnard explains the glycemic index

Watch on Youtube  Dr. David Jenkins, inventor of the Glycemic Index admits that it is not as useful as he thought it would be when it was first published in 1981. 

Enjoy blood pressure lowering, cancer fighting fruit!!!