What is a Good Cook?

I recently gave a talk about lifestyle changes to prevent heart attacks and afterwards a pleasant man came up to speak with me

He said that he had a heart attack last year and a friend gave him “Forks over Knives,” a movie about the health benefits of a plant-based diet. He said that after watching the movie he did some research on his own and decided to stop eating meat and animal products.

He said that he felt great and wanted to eat this way for the rest of his life, but his wife was making it very difficult. He said that his wife was “a really good cook,” she liked all kinds of meat, eggs and butter; he could not convince her to change. He said that he started cooking his own food but that created a little rift between them because she always cooked and she resented him cooking.

Lately she seemed to be trying to sabotage him by cooking his old favorites, and he just could not resist her cooking; he also loved her and did not want to offend her. His wife was not there to defend herself so I don’t know her side of the story. I could not tell him that maybe he needed to cancel his life insurance policy, but his situation got me thinking about the definition of a “good cook.”

The spikes in these pictures are cholesterol crystals that tear and damage artery walls.(Michigan State University)

If the food that someone cooks leads to clogged arteries, heart attacks, and possible death, can you really call that person a “good cook?”

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